HERBORISTERIE Bardou it is above all:


Our values of family company are founded on listening customer, the long-term partnership, the continuous development of competences and team work.


Orientation customer
We endeavour to fulfill the current requirements of our customers while anticipating their future needs.


Long-term relations
We have the will to develop a solid relation between partnership and each one of our customers and partners, while working in a spirit of respect and honesty.


Development of competences
We maintain a spirit of excellence in the manufacture of our products which we work out (our complexes, plants in gélules, dyeing mother, herb teas, etc…), and encouraging the continuous development of competences of our collaborators.


Team work
We maintain within our teams a convivial and enthusiastic frame of mind, by offering an atmosphere and a pleasant framework of work, and by supporting team work and the communication.

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